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Get some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below, as well as some helpful guides and YouTube tutorials.
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See some of our most asked maintenance questions we get from our tenants as well as various useful information for problems that could arise in your home.

White goods

Freezer building up with ice and door not closing

This means you have left the door slightly ajar and the freezer is in need of being defrosted. Take each draw out and items out and remove ice built up on the front of each draw. You can use luke-warm water and a sponge to remove ice build up and defrost so door will close properly.

Oven not working

Check plug is in and switch is turned on, also the fuseswitch on the wall. Set clock time/ date.

Washing machine is not draining properly

Turn machine off from the wall and unplug. Check the soap dispenser and filter for a blockage, you may need to use a bucket or bowl to catch any water inside. Please refer to the user manual for your make / model machine which you will find online.


No hot water / radiators not working

Make sure the boiler is switched on and set to both radiator and water taps. Depending on your make/ model you can refer to the user manual found online to set the boiler on a timer.

Make sure the water pressure is set to 1 or 1.5 bar. If it is on 0 you will need to top up your water pressure on the boiler.

Make sure there are no error codes on the front of the boiler. If there are please refer to the user manual found online for what the error code is for.

You can report this to us asap.


My smoke alarm keeps beeping

Your battery is running low and needs replacing. Please report this too us.

Something keeps tripping the electrics

First unplug all things plugged in to the room that hastripped electrics. Then go to the fuse box and turn the electrics back on. Gothrough each item plugging back in until you determine which appliance iscausing the problem – this could be anything; tv, lamps, chargers etc.

Please report this to us asap as the socket may need lookingat.

The lights are not working

If it is just 1 light, check the bulb and replace if required. If its an entire room or more, check the fuse box as something may have tripped. If one of the switches is down, switch it back up – if this keeps happening then please report to us asap.

Condensation and damp

Inside the windows are wet – mainly in the morning

This is caused by a build up of moisture inside the property and it being warmer in side than it is outside.

You need to wipe down the moisture from the windows –especially in the winter months when you have the heating on and it is cold outside. Moisture can be caused by showering, cooking, drying clothes inside and even breathing.

Too much build up of moisture in the property will result in mould spores beginning to form on the walls, ceilings, behind furniture and around the windows.

You must ventilate each of the rooms as and when you are showering, cooking and drying any clothes inside. Please keep the ventilation until the moisture has gone from the room.

It is vital to use the heating for a small period of time each day, mainly in the winter, to keep the heating levels moderate in the property.

Any affected areas can be wiped down regularly using a sponge and diluted bleach. You can also use black mould remover spray, leave for a few hours and then wipe away.

Do not leave mould spores to spread further, at the first sighting please remove using your chosen method of cleaning product.

Review guide to understanding damp and mould can be found here:

Pest infestation

Rats, mice, birds, wasps, bees, ants, bed bugs….

Please notify us of any pest sightings immediately. We have a few pest control companies that we use depending on the pest reported.

If you have seen sightings of rats or mice, please make sure that your house is clean and tidy, mainly the kitchen. That there is no food waste on the sides or on the floor.

If we get pest control out for rat / mice issue and it is deemed to be down to how you are living is attracting the pests then this will be a charge to you.

How to guides

We have found expert guides on common issues found when renting a property.

How to top up your boiler pressure

How to bleed a radiator

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