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Lets Residential was setup by 2 established landlords in 2008 to manage their properties from a central location. Only the properties owned by these landlords are managed from our office as we do not take on third-party properties. This ensures that standards are kept as high as possible as our involvement is both personal and long-term. A brief synopsis for each of the 2 landlords is provided below.


Harveys is a family-run residential letting business established by Chris & Jonathan Ward in 1988 based in South Manchester. With over 50 family-owned flats and houses on our books we feel confident that we can find something to cater for everyone’s needs, be they students or working professionals.

Lausanne Investments

Lausanne Investments was setup in 1996 with the aim to provide good quality residential accommodation for students and young professionals alike.
The proprietor, Mark Tucker, offers around 20 properties with between 2 and 8 bedrooms located close to shops, bars, restaurants and bus routes.

Repairs and maintenance are carried out by a range of contractors and suppliers, many of which have been employed for several years so consequently have a good knowledge of the properties. Tenants are generally treated like customers, with a desire to establish a good working relationship between landlord and tenant during the tenancy.

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